Znojmo - a quiet town between metropolises

Live in a quiet small town and have the advantages of Brno and Vienna at your fingertips? An hour's drive to both metropolises gives you the freedom to take advantage of the opportunities of the big cities, and at the same time the opportunity to leave them behind at any time and live in a beautiful, historic city that really has something to offer.

In an hour and a quarter by car, you're conveniently at Vienna International Airport. Don't want to drive? Hop on the luxurious Austrian Wiesel train system at the Znojmo train station and you'll be right in the heart of Vienna in less than two hours with one coffee. The train runs nine times a day! Working or studying in Vienna? With this train you are there in just one hour and twenty minutes!


Znojmo - the ideal city to live in

A city co-created by nature and history. Get lost in the picturesque streets of the historic town, enjoy the view of the countryside over the meanders of the Dyje River in the shadow of St. Catherine's Rotunda, go for a walk in the Podyjí National Park or savour the flavours of the wine region.


Jarošova Street

Live in a quiet location with everything you need within walking distance. In close proximity there is an elementary school and kindergarten, a park, shops and sports facilities for active leisure. And it is only a short walk to the centre, which is full of pleasant cafes, wine bars, excellent restaurants and interesting shops. Do you know a better address? Enjoy the magnificent views of the Leska valley and the spires of Znojmo's churches in the historic centre.